So what’s up with Life Groups?

  • We won’t have a regular Life Group Launch. Normally, at the end of January, we launch Life Groups in a spectacular way with big services dedicated to just that. That won’t be happening this year. While we will highlight the groups we do have going on during our services, we won’t be able to do it the same way at this time.
  • We still need and will have Life Groups. I’ve said this before, but we need your group more than ever. We need you, as a leader, more than ever! If you’ve been leading a group this entire time — thank you. It’s so important that people are able to stay connected to the church body. If you got discouraged by what happened last year — I understand, trust me. As a church, when trying to figure out how to minister to people who were no longer in the seats, we’ve had a lot of moments where discouragement was knocking on the door — sometimes banging on the door! But let me remind you —
  • When we’re out of strength, he renews it… and our strength will always run out. His is more than enough. Our church is better when you’re leading. I’m praying for a renewal in you this year.
  • We hope to have a larger Life Group Launch when the weather warms. One thing that we have learned is that — many groups do great meeting in open-air spaces, like driveways, cul de sacs, garages, parks, patios, etc. The risk to health is considerably lower in these settings, so as the weather changes, we are hoping engagement will rise as groups are able to utilize that.

Here’s what I’m asking of you…

  1. Pray for your church. The first step in all our journeys should be in prayer. Ask God how you can be involved, for creative ideas on how to get people connected and engaged.
  2. Consider leading a group. Either in-person or virtually, either now or later this year, we have a huge need for places to send people for connection. I understand that not everyone is able to right now. I know the concerns associated with meeting in-person and I’m not asking you to do that if you’re uncomfortable doing so. I also know that some have no desire to get on Zoom ever again in their lives and will prefer to wait for the warmer weather outdoor options. I respect wherever you stand on these issues. But if you have a creative idea on how to help the unconnected get connected — let’s talk about it and figure something out. You’re certainly needed.
  3. Fill out this form: // It would be so helpful to us if you would take about a minute to fill this out — whether you’re planning on leading a group or not.




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